Freedom Lodge No. 118, A.F. & A.M.

                                                             Lovettsville, Virginia


A dispensation was issued on September 22, 1865, for a Masonic Lodge to meet in Lovettsville, County of Loudoun by the name of Freedom Lodge. The charter for Freedom Lodge No. 199 was issued on December 13, 1865. The stated communications were to be on the first, third, and fifth Fridays of every month. The following were the charter officers:


John C. Bush                           Worshipful Master

Thomas J. Cost                        Senior Warden

H. Wright                                Junior Warden

Tilghman Cooper                    Treasurer

Luther W. Slater                     Secretary

George F. Eamich                   Senior Deacon

Samuel W. George                  Junior Deacon

X. J. Richardson                     Chaplain

George Wire                            Tiler


No mention could be found on the selection of “Freedom” as the name of the Lodge but it is interesting to note that the dispensation for a new Masonic Lodge was requested in 1865, the end of the Civil War, it could be speculated that the ceasing of hostilities could have some bearings on the name, it also seems extraordinary that there would be twenty-one men, over twenty-one years of age that would be interested and solvent enough to form a Lodge at a time when this part of our country must have been in disarray after the conflict.


The Lodge had its ups and downs, mainly downs, therefore no reports were sent into the Grand Lodge for a number of years. The Lodge was suspended in 1881 and again in 1888 before becoming extinct in 1890.


In 1892 a request was made to the Grand Lodge of Virginia to revive Freedom Lodge. The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, issued a dispensation on January 18, 1892, for the opening of a Lodge at Lovettsville, in the county of Loudoun, in the state of Virginia, under the designation of Freedom Lodge, and appointing:


J. T. McGavack                       Worshipful Master

G. F. Eamick                           Senior Warden

John D. Wine                          Junior Warden


On December 8, 1892, a charter was issued for Freedom Lodge No. 118 with the same officers as listed above. Stated communications were to be held at Lovettsville on the Friday night on or before the full moon of every month.


The Lodge room was destroyed by fire in 1923. The Brethren rebuilt the Lodge and it was dedicated on November 7, 1924.



Freedom Lodge No. 118 also had its ups and downs and in 1939, the District Deputy Grand Master recommended it consolidate with another Lodge or surrender its charter. Fortunately, the Lodge recovered and survived through the years of World War II.  Membership in 1894 was at an all-time low of ten. Membership declined during the depression and reached another low of eighteen in 1942. In that same year seven members were suspended for nonpayment of dues.


In 1956 the stated communication was changed to the first Friday each month. An oil furnace providing central heat replaced a wood burning stove in the mid sixties. Water and a rest room were installed for the first time in 1974. Previous to that the mens room was an outhouse in the southeast corner of the Lodge property.